Brick repair & Tuckpointing In Macomb Twp., MI

Tuckpointing in Macomb Twp, MI

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Tuckpointing in Macomb Twp, MI:  As we all know, our streets and highways take a beating when the temps drop. Having said that, the porches, chimneys, patios, and walls (the stone and brick masonry) of your home are just as porous. Older homes such as homes built in the 1920's are significantly more porous than our roads and highways. This is due to the fact that brick homes were, and still are, made of materials that are nearly identical by nature. What this means is that the mortar and the brick themselves absorb a great deal of water. When the moisture in the masonry unit freezes it expands, causing extremely serious damage over time to your home. 

We offer elite brick Brick Masonry in Marysville, and brick masonry in Fort Gratiot Township and all surrounding counties. Call MASONRY-RESTORED in Macomb Twp., MI, St Clair County, & Fort Gratiot Twp., MI Today!!

Brick has been in use for at least 12 centuries. Brick manufacturing has changed from hand packing clay, water and other fibrous materials into shape, then air drying them, to the much more advanced technique of large mixing chambers using clay, water, and other materials which are closely controlled. The clay is forced through a form to make a 10 ft. +/- tall brick. The “brick” is then textured on the surface with sand and colorants, which are pressed or embossed into the face of the brick. The tall brick is then moved and pushed thru wires cutting it into standard brick size. Bricks are then layered on a kiln car (oversized rail car). The car is moved into a drying room. When the moisture is at its optimum level the car is moved into and through the kiln firing the bricks into their final hardness. The bricks are stacked and banded into cubes to be sold.

Brick are bonded together using mortar. Mortar is a mix of portland cement, lime, sand and water. Mortar coloring may be added which can have a significant visual impact on the colors and contrast of materials used in the project. 

   We take our Brick Masonry in Port Huron and our Brick Tuck-Pointing in Port Huron extremely serious. Masonry construction, reconstruction, and repairs are what we do. Let us help you restore and protect your investment. Call Now!


 MASONRY-RESTORED in Kimball, Michigan services consist of:

  • Chimneys: Tuck-Pointing, Reconstruction, Sealing & Chimney Sweep, Fireplace Maintenance & Design 
  • Fireplaces: Repair & Design
  • Brick Replacement and misc. brick masonry
  • Stone Replacement: Blue-Stone, Limestone, & Misc. Stone Masonry 
  • Tuckpointing
  • Wall: Construction, Reconstruction Tuck-Pointing & Sealing
  • Porches: Tuck-Pointing, Reconstruction & Sealing 
  • Stone Walkways and Patios: Construction, Reconstruction 
  • Tuck-Pointing
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Brick Mailboxes
  • Masonry Sealant & Water Repellent Application (See the first 2 Videos on "VIDEOS" page of this website. Tap/ click here to watch now)
  • Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Design
  • Gutter Cleaning & De-Icing
  • Cold weather Crowncoat 
  • Roof Snow Removal & De-Icing

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We are your premier contractor for Masonry Repair in Saint Clair and the surrounding areas. We are the choice stone masonry contractor for southeast Michigan. Don't trust just anyone for your fireplace installation contractors. Give MASONRY-RESTORED a call Today!

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Tuckpointing in Marysville, MI

Tuckpointing in Fort Gratiot Township, MI

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Brick Masonry in Fort Gratiot Township, MI

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