A Little About Fireplaces and The fireplace company, MASONRY-RESTORED

   Fire has been used from the earliest days of mankind to warm the food, body and heart of man. Over the centuries it evolved from the basic fire ring to the more modern fireplaces and heaters. The fireplace has seen many design changes through time. In 1678 Prince Rupert raised the grate for improved airflow. In the 18th century Benjamin Franklin developed the convection chamber, around this same time Count Rumford redesigned the firebox to be taller, with sharper angled sides and a straight back. This design improved the smoke draw and greatly increased the radiant heat projection into the room.

   Masonry heaters came into existence in Europe during this period. They are designed to be lit twice a day with an extremely hot fire. This intense heat combusts most of the gases in the smoke as well, creating a very efficient heat source. The heat is stored in the masonry and radiated for up to 12 hours.

Each style and type of fireplace has distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

   As your local  Fireplace company in Marysville, we are dedicated to understanding the history and the science of fireplaces.

   Our goal as your Masonry company in Marysville, Port Huron, and Fort Gratiot, is to understand your needs and desired ambient effect on your home or business. How often do you plan to burn? Heat gain desired? Is this for ambiance only or do you need the heat also? Your answers will help us recommend one of your many options. Call The fireplace Company, MASONRY-RESTORED today for your FREE, in home, estimate.



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